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Conference Room

Executive Leadership Training

The foundation of high functioning teams is trust, connection and a feeling of belonging. 

Through integrative activities, coaching and collaboration we can produce positive outcomes.

Hire Sheron

Full Day Trainings

To unleash your team's full potential, I will interview you to determine what your desired outcome is for the day.  Custom designed, your program can include meals, interactive activities and discussions to enhance connection and productivity.  These activities can be held on the Zoom platform using breakout rooms or in-person depending on Covid-19 guidance. and  If the opportunity allows we can also include outdoor activities.


Half Day Workshops

To help your team connect, one or two hour workshops are also available.  Topics are based on your organization's needs.  I look forward to working with you to see what is possible.

Calm Lake

Who I Help

Individuals, small groups and organizations. 

I can help local and state government staff because I understand the dynamic nature of their organizations and demanding schedules.

How I Do It

 I can work with individuals and/or teams using one-on-one coaching techniques, assessments

and facilitation tools.  

What's in It for You

After spending time together, my hope is you and your team will have an improved sense of well-being. People that are happy tend to be better partners and more productive.  I encourage you to contact me to discuss opportunities for growth and connection.

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