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Sheron Violini

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Why I Do What I Do

After working in a demanding and complex political arena for almost three decades,

I was ready for a change. Through a change in mindset, improving work/life balance

and strengthening mental fitness, I have learned to turn obstacles into opportunities. I’m excited to bring proven techniques to leaders and individuals to help them maximize their potential to achieve a sense of well-being. I believe the ability to look at challenges and identify opportunities is a skill. And I look forward to working together to help you and your team connect, identify goals, learn how to create new habits, and become more productive while making time for what really matters. 

Key Tools In My Toolbox

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Revolutionary technique.

Boost your mental fitness.

Hiking Boots


Individualized coaching.

Unique to your needs.

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Executive Leadership

Custom training sessions.

Build a strong team.

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Executive Leadership Training

The foundation of high functioning teams is trust, connection

and a feeling of belonging. Through integrative activities, coaching

and collaboration we can produce positive outcomes for you

and your team.

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Client Success Stories

Sheron is an enthusiastic coach in the sense that she offers you true support so you can step toward the change you desire. Making changes in your life or profession is not easy. Change feels like it might involve failure or, in any case, means tackling something unknown. As you work with Sheron, you'll realize that she walks with you on your journey toward change or achievement (or both!), and as you do that, you'll uncover your own strengths of possibility and hope.

Carla K.


1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

I offer traditional one-on-one coaching. After completing a questionnaire and our initial chemistry call, we will come up with a plan and discuss strategies to help you obtain your desired outcome.

6-Week Intensive Program

This revolutionary framework is used by Fortune 500 companies to boost their mental fitness. I am excited to offer this intensive six-week program as a way to help individuals and teams increase focus, feel less stressed and find peace during tough times.

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Get in Touch

Join me for a free 30-minute coaching call to find out what’s involved in 1:1 private life coaching. I look forward to engaging with you to start your journey that will lead to a more productive, healthier and a balanced life.

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